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Or…. come and have a cuppa at Crystal Palace Foodmarket – I’m there most Saturdays from 11 -2ish, barring world tours.

2 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Jane Langley says:

    Hi Joe,
    It would be good to have a brief chat before Feb. If you give me your email I can fill you in on details.
    Have a great Christmas break.

    0207 7387267

  2. See Safari says:

    Hey joe just writing to say it was an honour to see you and meet you at the Moine Dubh / aw 60 ritual and I really really want to get you to come and perform at desert shore in Bournemouth at Poole hill brewery an amazing venue , it may take a while but we have to do it ! I work with warm agency as a booker and there’s a label but I just started so I can’t promise much yet but I’ll be putting efforts in that the Dorset key lines run deep to Crystal Palace and there will be more manifestations if that magical day !

    Please reply and I’d love to do an interview and feature on my blog too , thanks and lovely to meet you , Robin with Winnie the pooch x

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